Urban house with grandmothers’ garden in Kipsala

"BIIG" project development company has contructed a new apartment building project "Zundas Darzi" in the green part of Kipsala island, just in the center of Riga, on the bank of Daugava river. We decided to combine the enviroment of Kipsala with a modern "urban" living-style. Urban style is dynamic and keeps pace with the time, motivates to remain on edge. It is perfect for those, who never rests, look for new achievements, whose ambitions are high. Our house combines the traditional Latvian architectural techniques and modern design. Interior space is organized so that you could see beautiful permanently flowering ecological garden, while moving between rooms. Garden is planned to be as we remember it from our childhood – with apple and cherry trees, thickets of raspberry, currant and wild strawberry. You can relax there from daily vanity alone with nature and please yourself esthetically through all of the season. Harmonious blend of nature and ecology of “grandmothers garden” and modern “urban” home, gives the opportunity to experience different rhythms of life.

"Zundas Darzi" consists of 6 apartments, with total area 70 - 150 m2. First-floor residents have a wide terrace that is opened up into a green yard, while upper-floor owners have sunny balconies.The finishing of the apartments is made of high-class quality lining materials and equipment: top-class wooden parquet, double-glass windows with aluminum lining, air conditioning connections and alarm systems, Willeroy&Bosch plumbing. 

The house is equipped with modern lift Schinler, gas heating and supply of electric power, has energy-efficiency certificate. 

Apartments comes with full interior and fixtures, bathroom areas are equipped with heated floors. Each apartment has an intercome.

The garden is designed with small architectural forms (garden houses, benches, resting place for children, a barbecue place). Fenced area provedes safety, there are 11 parking places.  

The house has a great orientation to the cardinal – garden and courtyard opens onto a southwest-side, that maximizes the use of a sunny day in the apartments.

Green thinking and the high-level "Zundas Darzi" egological criteria will allow resident to enjoy living in harmony with nature !

The project has been successfully put in service by Riga City Construction Board,                                     the Act № 17 02247 0010092, dated 17.08.2017.

Developer and seller: SIA "BIIG"

Design: SIA "LDU Kroks"

Architect: Dita Lapiņa

General constructor: SIA "ALFA 1"