Architect opinion

Project author – famous Latvian architect Peteris Blums is convinced that: “This is a continuation of history, not a revolutionary break. ..”


The Housing on the street corner of Tīklu street and Ogļu street is not an officially protected cultural monument but it has not been prevented to restored it with care, respect, and empathy that would do honor to the Renaissance of any architectural masterpiece. 

After the reconstruction, not every site or building obtains recognition and reputation, it must be earned, challenged. 

We see it in front of us as if an average picture with average, just restored nice buildings. It may be a small evidence that they might be significant but yet it is true. The first excellence is the restored masonry building, built by the great architect, brilliant, and tragic personality Mārtiņš Ņukša who for 2 years was the chief architect of Sevastopol, worked as an assistant to the chief architect of Marseilles, was an envoy in many European countries.  

In our eyes, this so to speak simple building gets a slightly different value if we learn that it is the only masonry building in the Art Nouveau style in Ķīpsala! In addition, with an authentically restored main facade! 

The second tinge of uniqueness is all about more than 100 years old postcard with a small wooden building on the corner of Tīklu street and Ogļu street. If you take this postcard into your hands and look at the same place today, you will clearly understand - this moment of history on a postcard is not gone, it's still here, because it is retained. 

The unique advertising inscriptions are the third brilliant rarity dating back to the time before World War I.  They are, as far as it is known, the only original, renovated street advertising objects painted on the wood which are on display in Riga. 

We do not say that these buildings have been completely restored and that they represent as if the Old Times Museum of Riga. We say that in these buildings there are many restored parts and lots of light, modern quality, comfort. Lots of the true Ķīpsala!   This is a continuation of history, not a revolutionary break. 


Peteris Blums